Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Constant Change

Christopher Pei
Picture from Google Images
Tai Chi master Christopher Pei said to me (okay so he was on a DVD) that,  "The beauty of Tai Chi is about change.  Everything around us is changing constantly and we cannot stop the change, but we hope to harmonize our self with the change."

It is true that everything is changing constantly.  Kindergarten registration was today, and for the third year in a row, I didn't sign anyone up!  My oldest daughter is married!  My hair never stays the same length but grows, is cut, and grows again -- in the oddest colors!  Okay, maybe gray isn't so odd.  Our new house isn't so new anymore, and the cars we have now are not the same as the one we started out with as newlyweds (Hallelujah!).

I think there are changes that we need to harmonize ourselves with, like those above, and things like my food allergies that showed up, for the most part, after I was married.  My wishing that food allergies didn't exist doesn't make them go away, and wishing my hair would stay a beautiful golden blond, or whatever color it really used to be, doesn't make it so.  Many changes just happen, and we harmonize with them by accepting that, and coming up with a plan to handle our new reality.

However, there are some changes in society, or our communities around us, that we must harmonize ourselves with in a different way.  There are changes that would move people away from God -- changes in society's values, and morals, and perspectives. We harmonize with these changes by making a plan to deal with them that stays true to our beliefs, and to our knowledge of the truth.  Rather than molding ourselves to merely accept the changing forces, we must harmonize ourselves to the reality that we might stand judged and alone!

So, in my handling and harmonizing with constant change, I hope I will harmonize with changes in a way that moves me toward God and not away from Him, because I believe this is where happiness is found.


Kayli said...

Well said mom. I love this! :)

Marcy said...

Just what I have been feeling! Thanks for putting into words!!