Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Loot, Easter Dress

Here is our Easter loot.  We are all spoiled.  The candy I got was delicious.  Dan had half of his peeps (5) eaten before lunch!  The five that were left didn't last long.  Connor had the big giant book you see on the right side of the table read within 3 days, and Jake enjoyed using the pickle ball set in the road with his Dad.
This is Kayli in the Easter dress I bought for her when she was at school.  Kayli is so beautiful!

The day before Easter we had our annual Easter Egg hunt with Derek's side of the family.  I didn't take any pictures since I left my camera at home, but fun was had by all, and goodies were abundant.  Four days later Connor went on a walk with Kayli to their grandparents house and found three pieces of candy in the field that people had missed.  It makes me wonder how much more is out there, but now it has rained quite a lot so it might not be in good shape.

Easter week celebrations went on the whole week before Easter.  The week seemed more busy than usual, but I love Easter Week and was glad for the chance to think about Jesus a little extra every day!

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