Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break (Part 2)

The Thursday of Spring break was a beautiful day, and thus I didn't have any pockets for my camera.  I debated taking my jacket, or at least a long sleeved shirt, and decided to leave them in the car.  I asked Derek, Kayli and Connor how often they thought I'd complain that I was cold and they said never ... they were wrong!  Brrrr.  I was at least a little chilly most of the day, but did manage to get too warm once while waiting with Derek for Kayli and Connor to get a front row seat on the Kracken, a big roller coaster that I didn't feel my neck could handle twice in one day.

Sea World was packed with people, but most of the lines didn't seem too long, and sometimes we walked right on to fabulous rides, like the Manta!  We went to see the dolphin show.  It was beautiful and I felt really thankful for the wonderful world we get to live on!  We went to the whale show too, but I was sooooo tired that I was doing a bit of the head bobbers and was glad when it was over.  The whales did seem to really enjoy splashing the people in the splash zone!

Cocoa Beach Pier
Friday was the one day we slept in.  We lazily got up, packed a few things, and then Derek drove us to the beach. We went to a beach on the same coast as we had the first day.  It was a little closer. This time we chose Cocoa beach with the famous Coca beach pier that I'd never heard of.  Derek and I were going to walk to the end so that we could say we had, but they charge a dollar to walk to the end and we didn't care that much.  Kayli didn't feel as well this day, but she did go out into the ocean and jump waves, and she played in the sand and did generally better than we expected she might.

Derek and Connor spent quite a bit of time building big piles of sand.  The funny thing is that, after the water had washed over the pile a time or two, and Derek and Connor were back on their towels, a few people came by and decided to take their picture by the interesting formation of sand that just happened to be there!
 Guess who didn't want me to be taking her picture?
 I spent quite a bit of time collecting shells.  While I was sorting through my collection and tossing the ones I didn't want away, I attracted birds that were ever so hopeful that I was tossing food.  They never gave up, and I felt sorry for them and started setting the discarded shells in the sand beside me so they wouldn't get their hopes up so often!

After the beach we packed and relaxed at the hotel and then had a not so restful night before heading out to return the car and catch our flight.  Travels home went without a hitch!

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