Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tia' Birthday Weekend -- Happy for Me!

Tia and her good buddy Dan.
Tia's birthday is April 6th, and she came home for a day to celebrate.  She brought her friend Taylor.  Trisa and Travis came a couple of days before that and my parents came too.  It was so fun to have all of the kids home!  It is a blessing for parents to watch their kids enjoying each other's company, and getting along well.

Tia made up a bedtime story for Jake and Dan Saturday night, and games were played.  Sunday Derek's parents joined us all for a birthday dinner and dessert.  Tia said it was the "best birthday ever!" 
In this picture it looks like Taylor is praying.  He's probably either praying that the camera will miss him, or that Tia will get her wish, or that Tia's crazy Mom won't put the pictures on her blog! 

Tia dramatically blows out her candle.
You've really got to love Tia.  She is fun.
Thanks to Grandma Christensen for the birthday dessert!
And to my Mom for helping with the lasagna.

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