Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Projects

This summer we have done some big projects.  Wouldn't it be nice if I ever remembered to take before pictures?  I at least have some pictures during the process of doing one of our projects.  Here's what we've done:

I refinished the porch furniture.  I think Connor sprayed some polyurethane on them for me.  We've had the furniture for years, and you could really tell.

We refinished the kitchen table.  What a lot of work!  It looks good, as long as you aren't a perfectionist and don't look too closely.  It looks a lot better than it did, and that has to count for something!

All of our boys helped, and so even though you don't see Jake pictured, you can know that he did his fair share! I stained the table, and Derek, Jake, and I added the coats of polyurethane. Here's the finished table, with the not refinished chairs:

And finally, a project that has been in the works for years, and is finally about done -- the garden.  I always found our garden space a little too big and overwhelming.  A couple of years ago Derek built me garden boxes, which I love.  Last year Derek built a bike shed, with a bit of help from the boys, especially Connor. This year we reinforced the bike shed and have done a lot of rock work.  Here are the pictures for you to admire:

We still have a few things to finish on the outside of the garden, and a few things to plant on the inside and outside of the garden, but I love how it is turning out!  When I got the camera to take pictures this morning, Dan said that I should give my pictures to someone at a magazine.  He thought they would probably want to put them in their magazine with some other garden pictures.  I love Dan!  All of my boys were very good workers and moved a lot of rock from the truck to the garden.  Hooray for helpful boys and finished projects!


cold cocoa said...

Awesomeness! I can't wait to see it in person.

morley's said...

Sherie - I've been thinking that I sure miss your blogs!! Now I know that you have been hard at work!! Wow!! What a change for the garden area and it looks beautiful! I agree with Dan - send them in!! Thanks for posting your summer project and what a project to take on!!

Got your letter yesterday - good to hear from you and we'll get together! Dave and I are heading out tomorrow for our anniversary - only an overnighter - but still getting away!!

You and your family have done a wonderful job!! Good work boys!! (and Mom:))

Happy Mom said...

What great summer projects! It all looks good. I especially love the yard. Hope you are doing well!!

Owen Kennington said...

Wow!! I agree with Dan. I think you should send your pictures in. And I think it's awesome your whole family got involved in helping. You are so impressive to me. I just might steal some ideas from you.

Anna said...

Actually, that was NOT Owen that posted that comment, that was me!! I didn't realize Owen was signed in on my computer on Google, so the comment got posted as his. I'm sure he would agree with me, however.

Marcy said...

Everything looks FANTASTIC! I especially love your yard. Looks like a secret garden!