Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dan's 8th Birthday

Dan turned eight last Friday.  I am really proud of him.  He seemed determined to be happy about everything that happened, and he was a happy boy all day long.  We had him get up early to open presents before his brothers had to head to school.  He loved his presents!  Later in the evening we went to the annual fireworks event at Aunt Megan and Uncle Leon's house.  There were cousins, treats, and a big beautiful fireworks in the sky for our city celebration.  When I told Dan the fireworks were on his birthday he imagined showing up at cousin Noelle's house to find presents on the table.  Luckily he wasn't at all disappointed to just find playmates.  It was a happy way to end a birthday.  Here are some pictures.
Dan got a couple of books and a movie in his honor (It belongs to the family but is in honor of the birthday boy)

Meet "Beary".  He was hiding in the van, after having hidden at his C. Grandparent's house for a few days.  Dan was surprised, expecting a much smaller animal, and he has loved the huge bear who takes up most of his bed every night.

Dan can't wait to use Beary as a blanket in winter.  I think that blanket will be too heavy.

Dan's robot cake.  He has had some variety of robot cake for the last few years.

Dan managed to blow out all but one candle on the first try.  That one was hard.
It was a happy birthday for Dan.  We love this character.  He is excited to be baptized on Saturday along with his cousin Caleb who shares the same birthday.  I'm not sure how many people he's invited!  I think he even was planning on inviting his school teacher!


Saimi said...

Awww, Happy Birthday to Your very happy Dan!! 8, Wow! Such a great age, and how awesome is it going to be to be baptized with his cousin!

I love those Bears, they are so soft!! It's going to make a perfect bear blanket for those winter nights!

Enjoy eating that amazing cake!!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday to Dan the man.Hope you have plenty of them my young friend,