Saturday, November 8, 2014

Catching Up

I just remembered that I had planned on writing what I was thankful for every day.  Sometimes things come up, like terrible colds, or pounding headaches, or even nice surprises like phone calls, to mess up the reporting part.  Here's to catching up!

Thursday I was thankful for school counselors and teachers who care about my kids, and try to help them if they are having a hard time.  Helping my kids helps me!

Thursday I was also thankful for a chance to visit with my long time friend Shannon.  I always enjoy time with Shannon.
Dave and Shannon:  I saw him too since I went to their work to pick up Shannon.
This picture was "borrowed" from facebook 
Thursday evening I was thankful for the chance to skip to pack night with Dan.  I don't figure he'll be willing to skip with me much when he gets older, and it was his idea this time.

Friday I was thankful that Tia was able to take a friend and go help my parents move into their new place in St. George.  Since we couldn't be there, it was good to have a cheerful representative and her friend whose big muscles were very helpful.

Today I was thankful to feel well enough to be able to enjoy Super Saturday (a craft activity at church) all morning.  Derek, Connor and I have had awful colds the last couple of days, and mine waited until I got home to hit me again.  We're getting better though, and that is something to feel thankful for!

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