Sunday, November 9, 2014

Daily Bread

Today I am thankful that we got to see Kayli a little bit this weekend.  She was in town for less than 24 hours, and at our house mostly to sleep, but she makes beautiful music when she is awake and is kind, and thoughtful, and fun to be with.

I was thankful that Derek walked Jake home from church early when Jake wasn't feeling well, because it sounded like a long walk to me at the time.  It might have seemed like a longer walk to Derek than to me since he still has his cold too, but he did it anyway.  I am also thankful that, when Jake was feeling better, Derek helped him make bread while I took a long nap.

Finally, I am thankful that we could eat that bread with our dinner while Dan exclaimed about Jake making the best bread he has ever had.  I decided not to be offended even though Dan has eaten my homemade bread before.  The bread was good, and Dan really loves his big brother Jake.

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