Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm Thankful For....

...a lot of people, and a lot of things.  But here are some things from this past weekend that I am thankful for. boys and Connor's friends who did a lot of work in our yard the last two Saturdays.  It was especially nice that they helped this week because Derek rolled his ankle and was sitting on the couch with his leg propped up, or alternately, with his ankle being down in freezing cold water, all the while wishing he could be helping get things done.
This is the Saturday before last -- before Derek hurt his ankle. children's 61 cousins.  They are friends that my kids love, and are loved by, pretty much from birth!  Saturday Dan got to go to his cousin Noelle's party.  The other guests were all cousins too. What a blessing to have cousins nearby!

...Derek, who limped around to go on a date with me, and who shared his testimony of our Savior and the gospel on Sunday.  Since I love Derek, and Jesus, and the good news of the gospel, what could be better?

...Dan, who got sick on Sunday, and has been really sweet to have around.  Another thing I love about Dan is that he cares about others.  A week or two ago a girl in Dan's school class broke her collar bone.  I love that a couple of days in a row he prayed that Alexis' collar bone would heal quickly.

...Kayli who was home and was busy chatting with, and trying to be helpful to her friends.  I also love to watch her with her brothers.  I love that my children are friends with each other.  That is a great thing.
Kayli at her college home with her roommate Maddie.  Aren't they beautiful?
...And finally, my Sister Jenny, and my nephew Seth, who came late Sunday night.  It is always so good to have a chance to see them, even if it is for a few minutes before bed, and a few minutes after waking up!


Cristy said...

Hah! I read that as Derek rolling his ankle sitting on the couch and wondered how he accomplished that! ;)

Saimi said...

You are a very blessed woman! There is nothing better than having a close family - sorry about Derek's ankle hope it heals quickly!