Monday, November 24, 2014

My Wondrous Weekend

Friday I was thankful that I had made dinner enough times during the week that we had leftovers. That made it so I could take that time practicing for my part in a missionary activity.  I was also super thankful to have a couple of nice ladies texting me to see if I needed help, and to distract me from being nervous.

Connor helped lead a group of people around on Friday night at the activity, and helped out Saturday morning without complaining.  Jake was his Dad's working buddy on Saturday and Derek said he did a really good job.  Dan was a little hyper Friday night, but I liked that he volunteered to say a prayer, and was disappointed not to be chosen.

Saturday there was some cheer leader fun with my new puppet.  I got her out and was making up silly cheers for Connor while he ate breakfast.  Dan wanted a turn and had found one of my "cheers" hilarious and so he was the cheerleader saying over and over, "If you won't cheer lead with us, then you should get back on the bus".  It was a variation of what I  had done, and I thought it was funny that he thought it was so clever.
Photo by Dan
I had said that maybe we could do a show where the cheerleader tries to teach the princess to cheer, and the princess keeps goofing, but I couldn't be both the cheerleader and the princess.  Dan said he'd be the cheerleader.  We haven't actually done that yet, but here is Dan with the cheerleader.

Sunday I was thankful for a few things, among them were a nap, and choir practice.  Today, I'm thankful for the energy to be cheerful -- so far :-)

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