Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

The new star shone up in the sky
And a gentle breeze was blowing by
As shepherds left their flocks at night
And went to see a holy sight
A mother with her baby small
A mighty king, on Earth for all
Our Savior, then an infant son
The Prince of Peace, The Holy One

And in the night the angels sang
Their praises to His holy name
They sang with gratitude and joy
For the birth of this important boy
Who'd stand against evil and sin
And this hard battle He would win!
He'd conquer Satan and death too
He'd do it all for me, and you.

So as you look in the Christmas sky
Imagine an angel flying by
Singing with joy in the quiet night
As a new star shines its heavenly light
Imagine the shepherds running past
In search of a Savior, come at last.
And let your own heart fill with joy
For the hope that was brought by a tiny boy.

By Sherie
Image from Google Images

*I wrote this poem for Diana and Bryon's family for Christmas, and so I waited to share it with all of you until I knew they had seen it.  I hope all of you feel the love of our Savior this Christmas, and that you find joy wherever you are.  I am thankful for you!

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Mike said...

Great poem CUZ.I like poetry,I've rung off a few myself.They are in a box somewhere.It doesn't come to me easy it may go 2 years before another pops in my head.