Saturday, December 27, 2014

July Pioneer Trek

All of these pictures, except one, were taken by Kamie Tingey.  She did a great job.  One picture was taken by Bishop Loveless, and I noted it under the picture. 

 I am really proud of how well my kids did on Trek.  Kayli was having allergy and asthma issues, and I appreciated those who watched over her and made her ride in the truck for a while (she slept) and even pulled her in a handcart.  She was a "Ma" and she loved her family and I'm sure she managed to laugh a lot and help others do the same.

I laughed when I tried to get a picture of Kayli and Connor when they got home, and Connor wouldn't stop ripping off those pioneer clothes while he said, "Let's never do that again!"  He smiled in a lot of pictures though, and, our new stake is doing Trek this year and he may, indeed, do it again!

Jake was an inspiration to many.  His "family" loved him because he was quiet, but when he said something it was funny, and he just quietly kept that rope over his shoulder, pulling and pulling.



Connor on the left, Jake next to him


Connor, Matthew, ?, Clayton

Kayli, far right

Mountain View First Ward Pioneer Trek 2014

Picture of Kayli taken by Bishop Loveless

Kayli and Jake
Bishop Loveless and Jake


The Wonderous Life of Tia said...

I love that last picture of Bishop Loveless and Jake. It is good enough to frame I think!

LC said...

These photos are so well done! I've never been on trek but the photographers did a great job of capturing the feelings of the experience. Yes, frame!