Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Break

The boys got a whole week off for Spring Break again this year.  Unfortunately, Derek had a Convention for work, and spent the week in Anaheim without us -- but he wasn't at Disneyland and so we had more fun.  We spent a lot of time just being at home, or off in the neighborhood with friends.  Jake and I had a Lord of the Rings marathon.  ***spoiler alert*** The good guys eventually won against all of those scary, creepy looking characters.

Uncle Jordan was in Anaheim at convention too and so Angela and her kids were good enough to have an adventure with us on Wednesday -- the cold day of spring break.  We went to Hang Time -- a room full of trampolines.  I have one picture, but it's so blurry it's not worth posting.  The kids did lots of awesome tricks, and Connor went on a hot streak with a basketball.  His dunks were great.

Thursday Angela and I ditched our kids and went out to dinner -- since there wasn't going to be date night with our husbands!  I suggested we go shopping and buy matching shirts, but we didn't do that.  It was nice to have some good company for the evening!

Finally, we had an adventure with cousins at the park on Friday (Angela and Megan's kids).  It was a really pretty day, and I managed to get two pictures -- both of Dan.  We all played tennis, Dan went on a bike ride on the bike trail, Connor played soccer, and Dan and Jake enjoyed some playground tag.

Spring break was after Preference, but before Jake's concert :-)  I forgot to mention that I found out about Jake's concert the day before it happened from his teacher.  We're working on that communication thing!

Jake's Orchestra Concert

Jake and his violin, ready to go home after the concert!
This was taken by Kayli.  I kept being impatient and taking blurry pictures.

Me (Sherie), Jake and Kayli -- a selfie on the way to find Derek and Dan


Everyone else has been posting pictures of Prom.  I'm behind.  Connor was asked to Preference by Natalie.  They didn't actually attend the dance, but their group had dinner and played some games and generally had fun.  She asked him by making a Panda cake with a note in it (Connor likes Panda Bears).  He had just had his wisdom teeth out and so the cake sat for quite a while before he got around to being able to eat it!