Saturday, June 20, 2015

Travis' Happy Birthday

Travis, who is married to our lovely Trisa, had his birthday ten days after Connor. They don't live here and so, sadly, I don't really know what they did to celebrate the day. I texted him a happy birthday, and he texted me a happy birthday in return.  I told him I'd remember in September. Then we exchanged some random pictures because we like to do that.

I had to steal these pictures from Trisa's facebook post since Travis is very good at avoiding actually looking at a camera.
It doesn't help that my phone takes about 30 seconds to actually snap a picture once I push the button and that gives him way too much time to notice me and dodge!
Travis is a good son-in-law.  Whenever we go to visit, he and Trisa spoil us.  Then, when he comes to visit us, he takes my kids on adventures, or plays games with them.  He has cleaned my carpets (to practice for his carpet cleaning business), and has even ended up cooking before!  We all (in our family) love Travis, and we all hope he had a happy birthday!

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Saimi said...

Awe sounds like a very special relationship! it's great to have a carpet cleaner in the family for sure! Although he may not like looking at the camera, all his pictures definitely show him having a great time! Happy Birthday to him and Connor!