Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kebabs, Kebabs, and more Kebabs

...and not one picture of the Kebabs or Trisa, Travis (our son-in-law) and some of their family and friends selling them on the 4th of July.  Last year for the 4th Travis' family took us to Lake Powell for some relaxing fun (if you didn't listen to Dan whining about having to wear a pink life jacket).  This time Travis and a friend cooked up the idea of selling Kebabs at the annual 4th of July celebration in Blanding.  We made about 1700 kebabs one day, and a little over a thousand the next morning.  I don't have one picture of Trisa's messy kitchen, or garage, or Derek's awesome kebabing invention that saved us lots of time.  But, I did get some pictures.

We couldn't possibly go to Trisa's house without getting a picture of the dog.
Ha ha! We don't have any of Trisa and Travis, but we have Chewy relaxing during our visit.

This is the view from Travis' parents new house (still under construction)
Connor is the one with his head hiding.
Travis' Dad got a new toy for his birthday. A drone.   It was a great toy and he let the boys catch it, and launch it.

This is Dan.  I can't remember if he was holding the drone up to launch it, or if he was catching it,
but he liked both.

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