Thursday, August 20, 2015

Missouri Trip Pictures

When I wrote the blog about my Uncle H.D. and family, I looked and looked for pictures.  I totally forgot that I had taken some on my trip!  They really are rather random, and not all of them are terrific, but they are the best I've got.  It's a good thing I was not the official photographer!

Aunt Vanda and me at the cemetery.  I actually went to get a picture with my
Aunt Ada Lu but she insisted I really wanted one with Aunt Vanda (and I wanted one of those too)
so Aunt Ada Lu took my camera and took this picture.  I never did get one with her!

I have two of these that are almost identical, but I get different people better in different pictures.
Left to right there is David, Julie, Cristy, Melissa, My Aunt's hair, Mike, Deanne, Rose Ann, Don, and Dennis

Same people, same order, except you can see Aunt Carol Ann

Deanne, David, and Aunt Carol Ann

Ok, I look goofy, but David had to lean down about a foot so we would both fit in the picture I was trying to take!

Deanne and me.  We were wearing matching shirts!  She lives in North Carolina :-)
Naturally, I wish I had taken my picture with everyone, or at least a good picture of everyone, but it sometimes feels a bit awkward to go up and ask for a picture, and people are good at sensing cameras when you are trying to sneak pictures -- and they don't always cooperate!

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Cristy said...

Love this! It's funny because all these years I've thought you looked so much like your mom that I never knew you had any Fuller attributes, but holy moly, you could be Aunt Vanda's daughter! ;)