Thursday, August 20, 2015

Traveling Week

 On Monday July 27th I took Jake to SLC so my brother Brian could take him to Idaho.  Jake went to stay with his cousin Noah for a week.  They don't always sleep much during their time together, but they always have fun!  Tuesday the 28th I flew to Missouri with my brother Ray, and on the 29th we flew home.  Friday Connor and I drove to get Jake (with Dan in the back seat), and Saturday we drove home.  In between getting there and leaving, we did some visiting, and had an adventure.

I have some pictures of the same quality that you have come to expect!
Here I am at the batting cages.  I had such a good time hitting.  Slow pitch softball did make me feel better about myself than semi-fast pitch baseball.  Gotta love the sweet spot!  On the other hand, you have to hate that I'm old enough that my back wasn't quite the same for a week or so.  Sigh.

Caleb in his race car.

Dan driving his race car.

Stephanie trying out a climbing wall for the first time.  She made it to the top!

Tina and Stephanie getting ready to scream a lot as they were made extremely dizzy in this crazy spinning machine.
Traveling week wasn't really over after Saturday.  Sunday Connor and I drove to St. George.  My boys stayed with the St. George cousins, and I stayed at my Mom and Dad's house.  Dad had back surgery that Monday, having two discs fused.  It has not been fun, and he is still trying to recover in a rehabilitation center.  I stayed with Mom until Wednesday.  The only pictures I got have nothing to do with why I was there.  They are of my Sister Jenny's dogs since she was gone that week and my Mom was taking care of them.  I also got a great picture of this giant sandwich my Mom got at the hospital's cafeteria.  That cafeteria has good food!
Max is getting old and wouldn't want to expend too much energy eating!

Naturally, the sandwich was too big for Mom to bite.

The dogs know who to beg for food.  My Mom spoils them.  Here she is getting the good stuff out of the fridge.  It was really the only way we could get them out of the house long enough to close the door before they got back in!
It was great to get to do all of that traveling, and to see people I love, and even to try to be helpful.  It is also great to be home.  There is no place like home!

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