Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma and Grandpa C.'s house eating pizza, having the kids act out the nativity, and singing songs.  On the way home we stopped by at the cemetery where many people, including us, leave candles burning on the graves of their loved ones.  It is very beautiful, and we sing there too.

Next came out annual pajama opening session, and the fun family photo shoot.

After minimal sleep, it was time for the race up the stairs.  There were only three participants this year.
Travis and Tia opted out, and Jake and Dan were still asleep.

Here are Jake, Trisa, and Travis -- not quite looking lively.

Trisa, Travis, and Dan (still going through stocking stuff)

Kayli and Connor.  Connor was trying to be patient while waiting to open his presents.

Tia couldn't resist getting her Dad a Wookie suit, and I couldn't resist taking as many pictures as I could get away with.

One More!
After the presents were opened, and the cinnamon rolls were cooked and eaten, we just relaxed until we got our traditional visit from Russell and Erin and their kids (One of Derek's sisters and her family).  They are great to come and be interested in what everyone got.  It is a happy visit for us.  After that it was off to Derek's parent's house for Christmas dinner.  Ham this time -- and delicious rolls.  Mmmmm.  I love rolls.  Most of our kids went home after that, but Derek and Dan and I stayed.  All of us got to spend time with family members, and besides remembering Jesus, that is the best part of Christmas.  I hope you had a merry Christmas too!

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