Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kayli Turns Twenty

Kayli's birthday, which is on December 19th, was celebrated for three days this year.  We had her open one present, and have donuts on Friday before we headed to the BYU basketball game as a family.

We celebrated without her on her actual birthday by attending the Christensen Christmas Party while Kayli went to SLC on the train with a friend.  Kayli had been asked to be a bridesmaid for a former roommate.  I didn't see her once that day!  Travis, being a nice brother-in-law, got up early and stayed up late so that he could drop Kayli and her friend off at the train station, and then pick them up again.

We had the main birthday celebration after church on Sunday.  She got to open the presents she had patiently waited for.  She also got to have brownies with peach ice cream, and lasagna (in that order -- but dinner was an hour or two after dessert).

Trisa and Travis were here for the celebrations, and Tia came when she wasn't working.  The pictures are by Travis.
Connor and Kayli who are sometimes mistaken for twins.
They aren't twins, but they have been good friends since they were very little.
This is the one present I knew that Kayli actually wanted.
This is a Payson Temple ornament.  I don't know of anyone who is more excited to have a temple nearby than Kayli.
This is a gift card for Walmart -- Kayli's favorite destination...
Well -- maybe not favorite -- but she does love to go there.
This is a gift card for an ice cream place.  Kayli loves ice cream, and brownies, and other things with lots of sugar in them.
Kayli isn't greedy, and insisted over and over that she didn't need presents.  We didn't agree. Thankfully, she received them with a smile.  Our Kayli is kind, a good listener, and fun.  She is a great sister and a  wonderful daughter.  She makes beautiful music, and has a beautiful testimony of the gospel.  She also makes tasty brownies.  My little dark haired baby is all grown up-- which I can love and cry about all at the same time!  I love you Kayli!  Happy Birthday!

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