Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Can't Leave Out the Fruit

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I've already talked about my plan to eat more vegetables, but I can't leave out the fruit!  I've been only slightly better at eating fruit than I have been at eating vegetables.  That wasn't always the case.  I remember when I was little my Grandma Fuller had a grape vine that produced big, sweet, green grapes.  They were delicious and I can remember carrying around big bunches to snack on.  I was also one of the ones who would raid Grandma's storage room for the dried fruit.

My siblings and I helped bottle quarts and quarts of peaches, and applesauce, and probably other stuff too, but those were the two I liked to eat.  I also loved a good watermelon.  Unfortunately, somewhere through the years I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for fruit, and oral allergies wrecked my ability to eat any of the delicious melons that I loved, and some other raw fruits too.

My "simple" solution to getting more fruits is to make smoothies for lunch.  Derek brings home protein powder from work, and I add that to frozen fruits and juice.  I've had more fruit in the last two weeks than I probably ate in the last two, or maybe even four months!  Unfortunately, my glass blender container broke a few of days ago.  Fortunately, Derek has a wand type blender that works.  Unfortunately, I'm not so good at using it without splashing stuff all over me and the cabinets and the counter tops and sometimes the clean dishes.  Perhaps I was using too small of a container.  Fortunately, I got a new blender!  It works well, and I can make a smoothie without making a big mess.

I like my smoothies, and am looking forward to experimenting with different fruity flavors!  Feel free to send your favorite smoothie recipes my way.  That will help you feel good about yourself, because you will be helping me fulfill one of my little goals that I hope will help me be even healthier than usual!
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Mike said...

You mentioned Mamaw Fuller and I remember she was making oatmeal cookies and I let everybody know I was licking the bowl.I found out later why everyone laughed when I made Web my announcement. This was when Raymond and I went out there with y,all.Anyway there wasn,t anything left to lick in the bowl.