Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February's Romantic Read

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I thought "Courtships of the Prophets" by Mary Jane Woodger & Paulette Preston Yates would be a fun choice for February and so I put it on my list.  I finished it January 31st!

This book was a gift from Derek's parents.  It has 11 stories of the courtships of modern day prophets.  I enjoyed all of the stories, but especially the ones about Joseph Fielding Smith.  He was really shy, and not very romantic, and I found his idea of how to go about courting humorous.  Still, he was married three times because he outlived his wives, and how he found each wife was interesting. They were all good women and he had 11 children.  I loved the description that his 2nd wife gave of him.  He may not have been "romantic" but she described a wonderful man who loved his family!

This is a quick read, with interesting glimpses into the lives of 11 remarkable men, and the women who married them.

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