Monday, February 15, 2016

Jake is 14!

Jake chose to have brownies for his birthday -- with orange chicken for dinner.  He opened presents after dinner.  He had to wait all day long.  The Amazon box with his new giant ball didn't come until his birthday afternoon.  He brought the box in himself.  Now people can come to see him do scary amazing things on a ball again. (After watching they invariably warn their children that they won't be trying those things -- and they ask how many times Jake's been hurt.)  He's been hurt once -- when Dan unexpectedly crashed into him.  There was no blood, and no stitches were required.

14 glowing candles

Jake trying to finish blowing out the 14 candles

I like this smiley face!

This is the best of the opening present pictures.  He was reading a card from his grandparents Fuller, who were sitting on the couch -- just out of view in the picture.  His Uncle Ray and Aunt Lori were there too.
I love Jake.  He has a great sense of humor, and he is kind.  He and his siblings all went to Kung Fu Panda 3 on his birthday evening, and it was fun to hear him chuckling over it with Trisa the next morning.

The picture above was Dan on Jake's birthday.  Dan's been sick for a week and a half and I had asked him to take down this fort so Trisa could use the mattress at the bottom that night.  Dan was sad and started crying because "Jake loves this fort".  So, we took a picture.  Dan hasn't seemed to be too sick this week, but while he was at the movie, we got a call that told us his long strep test was positive. We got medicine, and he seems all better today, and he should be safe to be around by tomorrow.  

Dan wrote Jake a poem for his birthday that was pretty great.  He signed it "BY POLICE OFFICER DAN'S AMAZING RITING MUSTACHE".  Dan loves a good mustache, and using his police officer Dan accent.   He really loves Jake, who plays with him more than anyone else.

Jake loves his family, and seemed to enjoy spending his birthday with all of us.  Happy #14 to Jake!

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Mike said...

Happy birthday to Jake.Brownies are a great idea for birthday cake. Jake is wise beyond his ears!