Thursday, February 4, 2016

There is Hope Every Day

Derek gave me these for
taking care of him when he was sick.
They are beautiful.

Just in case the words of the song do not say this clearly, I know that we will only have a perfect body when we are resurrected, and we can only be resurrected because of Jesus.  I also know that there is no way to keep from making mistakes.  The only reason we have any hope of making it back to live with Heavenly Father is because of Jesus.  I love Him.

Finally, if you go to this link to listen to me trying to sing, those who are very familiar with the LDS Primary book will no doubt recognize that the beginning of the verses sound very much like Mother, Tell Me the Story.  I in no way intended to steal Janice Kapp Perry's work!  I admire her.

There is Hope Every Day

Children of mine, here's a song just for you.
A song from your mother, I love you, I do.
These are the things that I want you to know
At all times and all of the places you go.
You have a Father in heaven divine.
You were His child, before you were mine.
He knows your name and all you can be,
And loves you a lot.  Even better than me.

Father sent you here to become just like Him
He knows us all well, and He knew we would sin.
It takes lots of practice to get things just right,
We'd need to be perfect to get back to his light.
The Way would seem hard, and the journey seem long.
It would be hopeless, but we have a brother,
Who loves you more surely than even your mother.

He came and He suffered for every mistake
That all of His brothers and sisters would make.
He did it so we could get better each day.
He did it so we would all know the way.
When you fall down He won't give up on you.
We'll get back to Father through all He did do.
He was resurrected, so you will be too.
With a perfect body, a free gift to you.

So when life feels heavy, or you're feeling sad.
When you're feeling broken, or think you are bad.
When you've lost a loved one, and your heart seems sore.
When you think that you cannot take anymore.
When friends don't seem friendly, and you feel alone,
When you want to laugh, but it comes out a moan.
Here are the things that I want you to know,
Every time and in all of the places you go.

There is hope every day.
There's a light for your way.
There is love that won't end.
There is a perfect friend.
There is help when you fall.
Father hears when you call.
Jesus came just for you.
And I love you too.

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