Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Feeling Fragile

Last week I was having one of those weeks where I felt a little fragile.  I was doing all I could to hold myself together, and sometimes I even succeeded! Unfortunately, a lot of the time I was a little over sensitive, got discouraged easily, and felt like the simplest things might break me (or make me cry).  Even so, every day had good things in it too, and I tried to remind myself that the fragile feeling always goes away eventually.

There were helpful things on these days.  Derek is always kind and patient.  I had an entertaining book to read.  I could still find humor in things that could have been frustrating, like a mysterious black greasy trail all through the upstairs of my house, which a little investigation showed was made by me, or the two buttons that fell off a new shirt right before I was supposed to be somewhere.  It was helpful to have kind friends to talk to, and young women who smiled at me while I led a musical number they were singing.  And, when I remembered to get the mail, I had a thoughtful gift from a thoughtful sister.

There were more good things in my days than I have listed, one of which was having a Thankful Thursday to remind me to notice my blessings.  I know that being grateful helps everything, and yet I was surprised to find that it helped me feel less fragile too.   I do find it discouraging that I seem to be prone to having bouts of feeling so breakable, but I find it encouraging to know that I really won't break, and I can get through those fragile times with the help of those around me, and with a little gratitude.

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