Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dan: Future President

Dan the Man
Future President

Dan was blessed this year to have Mrs. White as a teacher.  She is really good at what she does, and really helpful to those who end up missing lots of school. She loves her students like they are her own children, and cried over them as the school year ended because she hates to say goodbye.  One of the things she did on the last day of school was to make sure every student heard something good about themselves.  She also gave them each their own unique award.  Dan got the "Future President" award.  He was really pleased with that.  He told me, "I did not see that coming."

On the way out to the car, He was telling me a story about a bomb, and an airport.  I can't remember the story clearly, but I don't think it ended well.  His point?  "What this country needs is better security".  He was already working on planning what he would do as President.  He was very pleased to show his certificate to all of the family.  He can hardly believe that some of his classmates thought he should get that award.

I liked watching him as he came back to his seat.  He went around giving people five and looking rather pleased and like he didn't quite know how to handle such good fortune.

4th grade program.
The fourth grade program was fun to watch.  Dan generally enjoys performing, and after they sang the songs at the beginning, he is the only one who took a bow.  It made me smile.  I love my Dan.  He is smart, and fun, and extremely wiggly.  I doubt he would hold long meetings as President.  He wouldn't want to sit down that long!  It is a daunting task to raise the future president.  Derek and I will do our best.

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Mike said...

Dan and many kids like him are already smarter than the politicians we have now.So I have renewed faith that this country will be in good hands in the future as long as the nimrods we have on office now don,t completely destroy it.That said congrats to Dan for surviving another school year and I will be glad to support Dan for President.Do kin folks get free bumper stickers?