Monday, December 5, 2016

The Post of Birthdays Past

It is time to cram all of the events I haven't written about into the last few posts of the year so that they show up in the correct blog book.  This is my birthday -- at the end of September.  I'm afraid I've forgotten nearly everything except that I was spoiled.  I think I had spinach pizza for dinner like last year, and I had a yummy applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.  Mmmmm.
Halloween Socks

A Tai Chi video to try out.

A book I probably finished the next day.

Solar pumpkins that went next to my flowers.
I do remember that we got the newest Jungle Book Movie to watch as a family.  I kind of think I fell asleep for part of it.  Oops.

Trisa's birthday was in October -- not too long after mine.  She lives in Cedar City and wasn't home.  I sent her presents in the mail and hope that she had a happy day there!  She's 26 so I'm pretty sure I am not the 29 Derek kept telling people I was turning!

There is one more birthday to celebrate this year in our family -- but it is not a part of birthday's past, so we'll get to it later.

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