Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Never a Bad Hair Day

Exciting hair in St. George
In our family we enjoy quoting movies.  The movie Megamind has several quotes we like, but I have really put to use the idea that when your hair is a mess "your hair is exciting!"  Since then I haven't had a "bad hair day" only days when my hair is "exciting".  Most often my hair matches this description in the morning, and I usually go show whoever is up so they can start their day with a chuckle.  After that, the exciting hair ends up under a hat until it can behave with a little more decorum!


Rachel said...

I love this! I often have exciting hairs days in the morning!

Mike said...

Cuz you are definitely kin to me.When all else fails wear a hat. I love hsts ,I consider myself a conisourer of hats .Especially the Kentucky Wildcats kind. Hats are the weapon of choice for bad hair days.A woman years ago was battling cancer. With chemo of course she lost her hair. Instead of fretting about it she had those words put on a hat.BAD HAIR DAY. Pretty good inspiration.I think I spelled that big word wrong. Love ya Cuz!