Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Strive Valiantly to Dare Greatly

I am good at learning about things, and coming up with good plans, but actually carrying out my plans can be so much harder!  This year I want to spend less time learning about things by reading and studying and learn more by daring to do the things I have learned and planned.  To dare greatly, I have to make sure that I live in accordance with my values (which I always try to do -- but could improve on). Here are a few of the things I thought about in relation to Daring Greatly.

Dare to spend more time with my children.
Dare to ask questions instead of making assumptions..
Dare to invite people to do things with me.
Dare to do things for others.
Dare to speak up in defense of others.
Dare to share the gospel.
Dare to share my talents.
Dare to make mistakes without being defeated.
Dare to let go of fear and trust God
Dare to find value in my efforts, no matter how small.
Dare to confront the “shoulds” that come to mind, and decide if they are important to me.
Dare to ask God how I can help, and listen for and act on the answer.
Dare to think that others will enjoy hearing from me.

Strive Valiantly to Dare Greatly, and let my failures go.

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Mike said...

Good stuff right there.