Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Wonder That Is Kayli

Kayli and her Papa on her 21st Birthday

Kayli blew out her candles .....

And then they came back on!
A bit over 21 years ago a beautiful dark haired girl was born into our family.  Since then she has changed hair colors, gained a lot of skills, and gone through several nick names.  Derek is really good at handing out nick names that stick, and more than one of our children has had multiple nick names, but I think Kayli has managed to collect more than anyone else.  Of course, she is the one who has also managed to call her Dad by several nick names that have had their own sticking power.

When she was a baby she was "Kicky Kayli" because she loved to kick her legs even if she didn't like to stand on them.  Then she was "Clicky Kayli" because she loved to be on the computer clicking the mouse over and over.  I probably don't remember all of her nick names, and I certainly don't know how Derek came up with them all.  There was Kayli-Bo, which I still call her sometimes, Kalikity, Kalikimaka, KalikitikitikatiAAAHHHH (think wild bird call on that one).  She is the "Butterfly Princess", and "Buttermuffin".

In return Derek is now "Papa" (which is a fine substitute for Dad), and he is "Gary".  Someone once said, "Wait!  Your Dad's name is Gary?"  No.  But that's okay.  There is a hand movement that goes with Gary that works for asking where her Dad is if she needs to be silent.  And, finally, there is "Cupcake".  So if Kayli gets home her Dad will yell "BUTTERMUFFIN!" and she'll yell back "CUPCAKE!"  It is fun to live at our house.

Kayli is great with kids and old people and pretty much anyone in between.  She laughs when she is stressed out and when she is happy so people just think she is happy all of the time.  She cares about people SO much, and is really good at asking questions, and listening, and helping people know how important they are.  She went away to college for a while, but I like having her home again because her brothers love having her here so much, and she takes care of her Mom, and is a fun shopping buddy. Besides she has her Papa to talk to, and she loves her "Cupcake".

I would not trade the wonder that is Kayli for anyone else!  I love her.  I'm glad that we got to celebrate her 21st birthday with her!  I mean, how many people can celebrate the birthday of their very own extra awesome Butterfly Princess?!

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Mike said...

Happy Birthday Kayli!I hope you got cake and stuff.Enjoy it because time flies from now on!