Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tia's Birthday

Tia decided to go on an adventure for her birthday, and so after work on her birthday she took Kayli, and drove to Cedar City to Trisa and Travis' house so she could spend time with her sisters.  They didn't get to do all of the things Tia was hoping to, but they did have some fun.  Sunday when they came back we had Tia's birthday celebration with presents, dinner, and dessert.  Tia is great!  We are always glad that she is in our family.

Connor with a smiling Tia

Tia got a puzzle with all of the states.  She is always hoping to improve her knowledge of geography.

I got Tia a book I think is fun.  She read it really quickly.  She thought it was fun too.

I added these because Connor has a different facial expression for every picture.
Maybe Dan didn't get all the dramatics in the family.

Tia getting ready to blow out all four candles on her fruit pizza.

It's good to have enthusiastic helpers?

I love Kayli!

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