Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mo-Tab on the life list?

I realized while I was watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir last night that I broke the "think like you're seven" rule when I made my list. If I really made the list as if I were seven, I would have put "Be a member of the Tabernacle Choir" on it. Since I am now not seven, I figured that there is a 99.9 percent chance that I would never sing in the choir. I left it a little open in case they ever get desperate or go back to not having auditions. Perhaps I could be famous like Jimmy Stewart and lead the choir in the new movie "Mrs. Kreuger's Christmas" -- but being famous isn't on my life list.

So, for your reading amusement, here are some of the things on my list:
Enter the hymn writing contest every year.
Finish "Precious Sherie" series of books (about my life).
Ride my bike with Derek on the Provo River Trail.
Learn Spanish
Go on a service vacation with the family(after I've learned Spanish)
Write a rock song for Derek ( he's always wanted me to).
Make a jean quilt.
Learn to dribble a basketball between my legs.
Carve something (it had better be easy -- soap carving never was a skill of mine.
Write a book.
Learn how to cook food that's good that Dan can eat.
Go to the zoo with the kids again.
Feed the ducks (there had to be some I'd for sure accomplish)
Notice nice things about people and tell them.
Finally get 72 hour kits made and rotating.
Go to Finland with E&R and Der
Get those family photos organized (maybe I'd better lose my camera)
Have a nice flower garden at least one year.
Learn to play the guitar (more than the chords I keep learning & forgetting)
Though Derek said I can't really put this on the list since it depends on chance....
Ride on a plane with an apostle (preferably sitting next to them:)
There's lots more but I should perhaps put "Don't write things so long that people start yawning before the end".


Anna said...

I would like to have a clean bedroom for two whole days...in a row. I would like to have my yard look nice for a whole growing season. I think I would also like to play the Tabernacle Organ (in the middle of the night when no one else would be around).

LC said...

I could teach you a little Spanish and we could take our families on a service vacation to Honduras where you will pick up the language in no time.
Lots of music in there--I like it.
Thanks for sharing.

Megz said...

That whole 'think like you're seven' is confusing because my 7-year-old's goals really only include food and sports. But that's a good list. However, I don't think I would want to sit next to an apostle on an airplane because then I would feel guilty reading the entertainment magazine that I like to read on airplanes. Maybe a row behind him....

Sher said...

Laura, that sounds great. We'll have to work it out. Meg. I know what you mean about 7 year olds and thought of it briefly today. They really have no notion of how many things are out there to do, do they? And why would they want to do more than eat good treats and play sports? Or, watch good movies and read good books (Connor). Ah well.

cold cocoa said...

okay, we can do Finland as long as we make a Switzerland stop. I used to tell Russell that I was afraid of going there for a couple's mission because of its extreme coldness. Now, after this Cambodia thing...I think I'd be fine.
You have very reasonable goals. I'm excited to hear the rock song.

Happy Mom said...

Good list! I especially like the hymn writing and book writing. Can't wait to hear your rock song. Can you add music to your blog? Your list helped mine, because when I thought about making a list, I couldn't get beyond, "Sleep all night" and "spend a month in Hawaii."

Leah Dozier said...

I like it! It makes me wonder what I would put on my list. Right now surviving the week and finishing my paper seem like a pretty good start.