Thursday, May 15, 2008

Learning a Language

"Hooray Pets!" yelled Dan while doing a happy dance (the picture is from a different hooray -- I don't always have the camera handy). The television was on to the surprisingly humorous "Wonder Pets" and so he was cheering for them. It was the end though so a picture of Dora the Explorer popped up and he said "backpack!" For those not versed in childrens shows there is always a backpack on Dora. And then a baby popped on the television and he said "Baby! Awwwww. Baby! Awwww. Biper(diaper). He was doing pretty well at identifying things that came up.
Watching my children learn the English language has been enjoyable every time. Dan will look me right in the eye and chatter away. I understand maybe two words but he's so pleased that I'm paying attention. I got to wondering if it is as amusing for people in other countries when we go over there and try to speak their language. Do they chuckle to themselves over listening to Spanish (or Finnish, or French) with a Utah accent or even a southern accent? Probably if we were as cute and innocent as babies -- and a lot less concerned about what people thought -- we'd learn languages faster.
They might put us in the loony bin (that's probably not politically correct) if we did the things kids do though. Trisa used to chase birds yelling "Here birdie!" All of the kids liked to "talk" on the phone (which might just be a block that is subbing as a phone) and some said "Hi Shannon" so you could tell who I was talking to because they imitated me. One said "Heaven sakes!" a lot and it took me a while to figure out that they got it from me. Dan says "Oh man!" The kids taught him. He says "Daynit" too and I don't know where he picked that up. I even find it a bit sad when they learn things aren't right. I'm dreading the day that Jake says "thing" instead of "fing". On the other hand, I suppose I'd be embarrassed if he still said "fing" in high school.
I'm out of time. I'm going to go practice the English language and maybe soon I'll brave practicing my five words of spanish on someone.


Megz said...

One of our favorite games at dinner time is to get Noelle to say different words then argue about what she really did say. It is amazing how quickly receptive language develops too, as babies can take direction more quickly than they can verbally communicate.
We are working on Mitch not saying 'fousand' for 'thousand', so maybe he and Jake can have parties practicing the 'th' blend.

T said...

Trevor was really sad the other day when he realized Maryn had stopped calling him "treasure"... I'm sure it's just my last child sadness that allows me to enjoy it so much, but I really need to write down all her cute mispronunciations (whew, spelled it right the first time!)

cold cocoa said...
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cold cocoa said...

I have a hard time not reinforcing the wrong lingo! I love it the way kids pick up words and songs. Olivia's versions of songs are so much more interesting and amusing than the originals.

LC said...

I love it too. Adrie says she sleeps with Brynn in her BONK bed. Brynn has always sung...this is my SECRET BEAUTY in I love to see the temple, and my new favorite is Kate's, United STAKES of America.

T said...

Maryn still calls Kate "cake" most of the time - which I find cute, but nothing beats her "whobody" which she doesn't say as often anymore, much to my dismay!