Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nice clothes, Mud, and the Haircut from Hades

Tia went to watch Mud volleyball with a friend of hers the other day. They were easily the nicest dressed people there because everyone else planned to play. What do you do when someone asks you to join in the fun -- but you aren't dressed in the right kind of clothes? Jump right in!
After a seconds thought, I approved their decision -- even if I had wished they'd thought of wearing grubbies in the first place. Tia took a shower in her clothes afterwards and then another shower -- umm -- in the more usual way. I think her clothes are going to make it and she had a good time.

Here's Dan. Isn't he cute? His hair was long in the bangs and over the ears and I was just going to trim him up a little. Unfortunately, he's terrified of scissors and clippers. He tries to put his hand up to stop the scissors -- thus making them dangerous. He just throws his head around a bit with the clippers -- thus causing an "oops" to occur that meant he is now a buzzed boy instead of the longer haired boy you might expect. It's still too long in spots and needs to be fixed. He did survive the trauma (and I did too -- barely) but .... He would like YOU to come and fix it up. With his hair buzzed you can now see the gash in his head from landing against the fireplace. This is added to the bruise on his cheek, the scar on his other cheek, and bruises up and down his legs just to prove he's manly and adventuresome. He can obviously still smile so I think he'll make it.


T said...

maybe if you got Dan playing in the next Mud Volleyball game it would cover up all of his bruises and gashes. I've never seen a toddler without a few marks from their adventures - and he looks cute with the new haircut, just more grown-up... were you ready for that?!

Megz said...

Uncle does have a certain ring to it. The haircut was bound to happen--isn't this about when Conner and Jake got their first buzz? or buzzes?
Tia just got an expensive mud wrap for free. And she didn't have to take her clothes off to get it. I think it's a win-win.

LC said...

The buzz really brings out those big blue eyes.

Frey family said...

I love buzz cuts! They are so much easier. I wish my boys would still go for it, but a a couple of years ago they refused. Now I have to help them gel and style every morning.

Michelle said...

I love buzz cuts because there is no daily maintenance and when your son has interesting cowlicks so that if you do try to comb their hair it doesn't stay or look combed in any way they are the best option.

cold cocoa said...

I loved playing mud volleyball the one time I did it. I only hope they don't do that for a mutual activity though!

Cute picture of Dan. What a good boy!