Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first baby -- all grown up!

Here's my beautiful Trisa. I had already discovered that those tiny baby clothes that I admired before she was born were actually too big! Look at the way those socks hang loose! I had also discovered that Trisa looked so cute that I couldn't help but admire her, and expect others to do the same, no matter what she was wearing. Trisa was born October 18th after I had spent much time lying around, worrying, being uncomfortable, and being spoiled by many. I was not awake for her birth because the epidural didn't work right and so she was seen first by her doctors, her Dad, both sets of grandparents, and a few nurses. Four hours later I was finally able to see her for the first time with my parents and Trisa's Great Grandparents looking on. She was called our "miracle baby" by many and the hospital staff was shocked at the number of visitors that trooped in to see us. What a happy day for us!
The above picture is in our Salt Lake apartment. As a member of a large and loving family, and as the oldest grandchild on her Dad's side and the oldest great grandchild on her Dad's side and as the no less loved third grandchild on my side, she has always had many admirers. She had a lot less cousins back then but her uncles and aunts loved her and played with her at every opportunity. Her aunts were much more patient at teaching her letters and teaching her things.
Time marches on, and Trisa now has two sisters and three brothers. The picture above is her with her oldest brother. She has always been a good sister -- even if I worried when Tia was born because she thought babies were supposed to sleep with blankets on their faces and she felt Tia would be bored in her crib without the addition of several toys dropped over the top (thankfully usually of the soft variety). By the time we got to the boys she was helpful for real -- and not just desiring to be helpful.
Here's Trisa on a family hike. She is a good adventurer. She has been trained from a very young age to watch sports and understand them and she likes to attend BYU games with her Dad. She has played sports in the cities leagues and has enjoyed family hikes and trips -- especially to visit family members. Trisa also has good talents of being musical (she plays the piano beautifully), smart (she takes harder classes than I ever did), kind, sympathetic, and helpful.
Trisa was not born on Halloween, but she was baptized on Halloween when she was 8 and now she has celebrated her 18th birthday with the annual Halloween party thrown by her Grandma C. Her friends came and decorated her room while we were gone and I think the day was a happy one for her. It is certainly a blessing to me that she was born into our family. She does a good job of taking care of me when I need it and I love her very much.

Happy Birthday Trisa!


Frey family said...

What a beautiful baby/girl/young woman! Time really flies.
Happy Birthday Trisa!!

cold cocoa said...

Happy Birthday Trisa! Trisa definitely has had the queen treatment of being oldest grandchild/niece/nephew. I remember having to fight Diana for who got to tend! Luckily we both got lots of chances! Yay Trisa! You are my favorite oldest niece ever.

cold cocoa said...

oh- scratch that nephew part. Something she'll never experience...

T said...

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around her being a full on "adult"

Happy B'day to Trisa - we promise to not ALWAYS associate your birthday with scariness :)

Megz said...

She's now old enough to make you a grandma. How crazy is that?
Aaack. She can go to RS with all the old ladies now. That's even crazier.

Sher said...

She can't go to RS until she graduates from high school -- but it would be nice if she could go. She does have a friend in there I think.

LC said...

Happy Birthday Trisa! She survived the teenage years so beautifully.
Wow. I'm excited to see what she does with all those talents, beauty, and brains.