Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Activities

On Thanksgiving, since you either have eaten or will be eating lots of food, it is good to get in some physical activities.Derek and my brother Brian organized some of the children into teams and had a game. Fun was had by all until the next day when Brian became fully aware of how many muscles he doesn't use while working on the computer.
Playing on the swingset and in the dirt / rocks was a favorite activity too. I went down the slide a couple of times but I had to duck so far down to get on the slide that I always went down on my back and so I decided to watch.
After all of that activity in the beautiful weather, it is good to have a little rest.
Following the rest, which came after the playing, which came after the fancy snacks, it was time for dinner. After dinner it was time for the traditional pies. Oops. No pumkin pie! No worries -- there were plenty of other kinds.
After the food it was time for some more physical activity. An improptu arm wrestling tournament started by Jenny provided lots of fun and a few sore arms. Jenny beat Tina. I beat Jenny. Tina beat Jenny in a rematch. Tina and I each tried hard to win but finally called our match a draw. Those who watched Jenny and I arm wrestle said we both moved our elbows a lot (which is technically cheating) and so I guess I out cheated her.
The men arm wrestled some too. Derek beat Jeff but my brother Ray was the winner -- beating Derek out rather quickly. Derek says he can't be expected to win against my brother whose arm was compared to a tree trunk.
The day after Thanksgiving we went rock climbing (indoors). Jenny and Jeff do this a lot and Jeff was like Spiderman without the suit. If Jenny and I were having a rock climbing match she wins.
The weather was beautiful, the company couldn't be beat, the food was good, and the activities were fun. Hooray for Thanksgiving and for Thanksgiving Activities.


T said...

I can't believe Derek is not the arm wrestling champion of the world - Trev was reading over my shoulder and his jaw just about hit the floor as well... at least Derek has SOMEONE snowed as to his arm wrestling prowess!

Marcy said...

Looks like a great itme was had by all. NO pumpkin pie though?!? Hayden would have protested. He told me this year that he could live on pumkin pie alone, then later he added tacos and something else I can't remember. PP was number one though!

Megz said...

Glad you had a fun time. I had to laugh at Kayli's football stance in the top picture though.

cold cocoa said...

Looks like a nice place! I'm glad Derek was humbled. If he feels like being humbled one more time, just have him arm wrestle me.

Sher said...

Wow C.C.! What misplaced confidence you have. He can cream me without trying so if you can beat him I'll take you on a shopping spree. I've seen you carry around two kids for a long time though so I'm pretty sure you can cream me for sure. No shopping spree for that!