Monday, February 9, 2009

I do it myself!

*Jake's birthday blog is coming but I started this the other day and I thought I'd finish.

Dan has reached that fun point in life when he wants to do everything himself. I wish I had some pictures of some of these things -- and maybe I'll make a point to try to get some today. Since we are hoping he will learn to use the potty in the toilet soon, I thought I'd better start having him pull up his own pants. It is so funny to watch! He gets so angry when the back of them get stuck but he does not want me to help! If I start to reach a hand over he yells "I do it myself!" He absolutely requires that I let him put his own lid on his sippy cup. These have to be screwed on and he does not want help. Fortunately he does let me hold on to the cup so his milk doesn't go flying. He's gotten quite good at this little job. He also thinks he can pour his own cereal and milk. He gets so mad that I insist on helping. He hasn't quite figured out that you don't put the open part of the box of cereal or milk at the top of where you are holding it. He likes to take off his own coat too and he jumps and jumps until it comes off or until he gets upset and says something like "Awwww, I can't do it!" He looks very disappointed when his coat is "stuck". Most of the time he has great persistence with a bit of temper and a loud "I do it myself!"


T said...

just wait... I'm sure you remember that they eventually turn the age when they refuse to do ANY of it for themselves...

cute though!!!

Megz said...

How nice if that independence carried itself into the potty training world and the sleeping world? Good job being Big Dan.