Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jakey Boy Turns 7!

Jake was born on February 12th, 2002 during the Winter Olympics. Of all of the children I have had, his birth was the smoothest for me and the day he was born was truly one that I enjoyed. He was the only child I had that was allowed to come to me when he was two hours old and, as a bonus, I was awake and feeling well. We enjoyed the day with family and it is still a day I look back on with thankfulness. As you all know, the days that followed weren't quite so blissful and were, quite frankly, a bit on the terrifying side. Jake is well though and does not remember the scary things. He learned to walk earlier than any of my other kids. He walked at 9 months and I loved hearing the gasps when I would put him down. Could someone that small really walk?

Jake was always very coordinated (like Batman) and so I chose the picture of him wearing his Batman costume when he was four. When Jake was quite small he could hop from rock to rock (sometimes choosing to do so in unsafe locations) or walk a narrow path, or the back of a couch without mishap. I learned quickly that I didn't need to panic as he had a knack for balance. He did flips on the couch at an early age. (Giving the girls credit -- we wouldn't have let them jump on the couch -- we've gotten soft and the couch has gotten old). Again, I would watch him and see others gasp when he did things. They were surprised when he didn't fall. Still, he is my only child to have needed stitches -- but it was from dropping a glass jar and then stepping on the glass -- not from any lack of balance.

Dan was born when Jake was four and a half years old. Jake had been king of the house until then. Fortunately, Jake took his change in roles gracefully and has allowed Dan the king job while he himself became big brother. Jake has been really good at his new role and has impressed me with his love and kindness towards his brother. It is a bit scary when they wrestle because they aren't careful but I'm glad they enjoy playing together.
Jake loves being outside. He rides his bike, plays ball, runs, swings, slides, and plays in the dirt. He is always tan in the summer!
This is Jake today. He is standing on the back of the couch -- of course. He was happy to get up today and open his presents. He loved them all and went off to school where I hope he is having a good day. Jake is a sensitive, kind, energetic boy. Happy Birthday Jake!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I do it myself!

*Jake's birthday blog is coming but I started this the other day and I thought I'd finish.

Dan has reached that fun point in life when he wants to do everything himself. I wish I had some pictures of some of these things -- and maybe I'll make a point to try to get some today. Since we are hoping he will learn to use the potty in the toilet soon, I thought I'd better start having him pull up his own pants. It is so funny to watch! He gets so angry when the back of them get stuck but he does not want me to help! If I start to reach a hand over he yells "I do it myself!" He absolutely requires that I let him put his own lid on his sippy cup. These have to be screwed on and he does not want help. Fortunately he does let me hold on to the cup so his milk doesn't go flying. He's gotten quite good at this little job. He also thinks he can pour his own cereal and milk. He gets so mad that I insist on helping. He hasn't quite figured out that you don't put the open part of the box of cereal or milk at the top of where you are holding it. He likes to take off his own coat too and he jumps and jumps until it comes off or until he gets upset and says something like "Awwww, I can't do it!" He looks very disappointed when his coat is "stuck". Most of the time he has great persistence with a bit of temper and a loud "I do it myself!"