Monday, April 19, 2010

Please Pass the Possibilities

Have you ever had a problem that is so hard that you have given up on finding a solution?  You've hit a dead end, or you've found a giant chasm in the path and you don't know what to do.  Wouldn't you like to sit down at a table and say, "Please pass the possibilities," and then have them handed to you?  Well, in some ways I think life is like that if we do not allow ourselves to give up.

We take our troubles to the family table.  Heavenly Father is there and lots of brothers and sisters -- some who are expert in fields you may never have even heard of.  You sit down and tell Heavenly Father all about the problem and what you have done so far.  Then you say "Would you please pass the possibilities?" -- and he does!  You are so happy!  And then you look more closely at them and realize you don't like either of the possibilities you've been given.  You ask if you can exchange them and he says "No, those are good for you, you have to keep them"  (It's a little like being handed your two least favorite vegetables to eat).  Now you have a choice -- you can leave the table and storm and fuss and get very mad -- forgetting that you now have possibilities when you didn't before.  You can stay at the table and keep them and feel a bit sorry for yourself.  Or you could stay at the table, keep them, and ask for more possibilities.

Much to your surprise, you are given more!  Perhaps Heavenly Father hands them to you directly, or perhaps, he passes them around the table and you get them through your brothers and sisters.  When you look at these you are not sure about them but you take them.  One possibility, when you try it, ends up making that first possibility you were given easier to handle (like being given cheese sauce to go with that broccoli).  One you're not sure about, but it turns out that once you've accepted it, it makes you see clearly what you have gained from that first thing you had to keep.  Maybe you even get a possibility that seems a lot like dessert!

I am thankful to have been reminded in a few different ways lately that even if I can't see a possibility for a solution, it doesn't mean that their isn't one.  Miracles happen.  When I see a dead end, or a giant chasm -- I might be able to look from a different view point and discover that the road continues or that there is a bridge I hadn't seen.  When I face a challenge and feel weak, and angry, and worried, I can turn to Heavenly Father and find power, and love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). 

In the future I hope to always remember that if a problem seems impossible to solve, I can ask --"Please pass the possibilities!"


Megz said...

My big hangup is that sometimes I don't like to believe that those veggies are actual possibilities. It's much more self indulgent to think the food is all gone so you can whine about it.
Thanks for letting me play along.

T said...

I like your analogy... and I'm trying not to think about the fact that I'm allergic to so many vegetables/possibilities :)

Sher said...

T -- that's kind of funny. I am too but didn't think of it once! And Megz -- I can see your point too and I'm sure that I do that a lot.

Happy Mom said...

Sher, this is a very inspiring post. Thanks so much! And I like the new header picture too.

LC said...

Good uplifting message and I agree the new photo is awesome.