Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures and big events.

Arranging pictures in a blog is apparently not my talent -- yet.  The first picture is Jake on his baptism day.  He was baptized March 7th and it was a very nice day.  Our boy who has thought church was "too long" for as long as I can remember was excited to be baptized and it turned out to be a really happy day.  Lots of family came to help celebrate the occasion and Jake was happy will everything.

The second picture is Jake receiving his bobcat award in Cub Scouts.  The new bobcats get to hide and the Webelos find them and carry them in on a stick.  Jake has loved Cub Scouts so far.

This next picture is Connor at that same pack meeting with his friend Kevin.  They were the clowns and told lots of jokes.  They did an excellent job and seemed surprisingly comfortable in front of the crowd.
These next pictures, including one of the ones above are of the anniversary trip that Derek planned for us.  We went south to Zion National Park.  It was our 22nd anniversary and this was a fun adventure.   We visited the St. George Temple, had dinner with Quinn and Tonya, laughed at Brian Regan (he wanted us to -- we weren't being mean), and hiked a lot.  It was all fun. The first picture is on the way to Hidden Canyon and the last two are actually in Hidden Canyon.   There have been other big events that I haven't recorded.  Tia had a birthday in April and we had a good trip that week too.  Derek had a birthday too.  Connor started playing ball and school is almost over.  Besides that -- Dan has eaten lots of snacks and he needs another one right now.


Megz said...

I forgot to ask you about your big A. Congrats! And I'm glad you have a good getaway.

LC said...

What a fun trip for you two. You guys still look too young to be married 22 years:)

T said...

Such fun pics! really, 22 years... I'm always surprised how long we've been married when yours comes around I just subtract 5 so I know what we're coming up on... lazy much?

Glad it was fun... although next time I'm going to make sure they make a better blueberry pomegranate lemonade, that one just wasn't right :)

Marcy said...

Glad to see you back! Great pcitures! I love the tradition with the bobcats and weeblos. I'll have to remember that if I'm ever in scouts again. FUN!