Monday, October 18, 2010

Puppets, Pictures, Pies, and Precious People

Jake and Trisa at Trisa's early birthday celebration.

 We celebrated Trisa's 20th birthday on Thursday -- a few days early.  We bought her a cake to share with roommates, and took her some presents.  I think we forgot to sing to her.

She liked (or pretended to like) all of her presents.  She liked us coming to visit.  She loved the complements Dan kept giving her such as "Trisa, your ground here is really nice".  Or "Wow, what a nice table -- it's square and soft."
Kayli, Sherie (that's me!), Derek, Jake, Trisa, Connor, Tia, and Dan

Here we all are in her new apartment.  Trisa is a beautiful girl (as you can see!) who we love very much.  She knows how to have fun and to include everyone.  She cares about people and tries hard to help them.  She knows what is right and does her best to do it.  She has musical talent and sports skills.  She likes doing the movie quote game with her Dad and laughing as much as possible. We are really happy that she is enjoying college even though Dan has a point when he complains that college takes a "long, long, long, long time".

Happy Birthday Trisa!

Before Trisa turned 20, I turned 20 plus some.  Because of all of the thoughtful, incredibly fun, skilled, nice people in my life I had a fabulous birthday.  I asked my husband to get me puppets for my birthday.  I like to be silly sometimes and it seems easier to do this with a puppet on my arm.  So, he got me a princess and an Oscar the Grouch (to match my Oscar the Grouch shirt that I already own).  What fun!  Dan renamed Oscar "Silver" because I was rather paralyzed by the fact that I don't do a good Oscar the Grouch voice and so he needed a new name.  Dan usually is Silver and I'm the Princess.  You know we have fun because Dan requests that I make the puppet come to life quite regularly.  A few days after my birthday I got another nice surprise.  A friend of mine remembered me telling her how much fun I had being "Mange" and "Sunny Sunshine" for a family reunion with some borrowed puppets.  She sent me a Lion puppet.  This one has a mane a lot less mangey looking than the last puppet I used so I'm still debating on a name.  There is a picture below and some suggestions.  Feel free to vote!

Everyone was super nice on my birthday sending me greetings by phone,  facebook, nice notes, or even in person.  I was taken to lunch on my birthday and a few days later.  One friend gave me a drawing of my husband and me.  What skill!  Another friend made me a yummy pie.  My kids made me nice notes and pictures.  Mandy tended at the last minute.  So many thoughtful people made for a super happy birthday.  I didn't stop to feel old on my birthday.  I was too busy enjoying the fun.  Thank you!
Pincess Catherine Castlehoff, Lion (Spike, Elvis, or the new Mange?), and "Silver" the Grouch


T said...

I actually quite like that new lion puppet of yours... he's not quite mangy enough for the role of Mange... maybe with a gross yarn wig? there's just something inherently regal about those eyes :)

It was good to see that fun family of yours :) hope they survived the heat

Megz said...

Dang. Ike had some puppet action for scouts the other day. Should have sent him your way for some tutelage.
Happy B-day to your oldie eldest!

cold cocoa said...

You're going to be the funnest grandma ever when that time comes! Happy Bday to Trisa, too. Can't believe her agedness!

LC said...

What a great birthday!! You deserved it. Thanks for being a great sister. You are one of the kindest people I know-- and a talented puppeteer to boot.