Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Joyful Season: Mustache or no Mustache?

I can't resist choosing this as my thing to be thankful for -- even though the day isn't over.  I'm thankful for all of my children -- but today I'm thankful that Dan is sometimes really funny.

This morning at family prayer Dan propped up his stuffed animal bunny into the praying position and then knelt beside him.  I wished for a camera.  I thought it would be inappropriate to go and get one during the prayer.

Then it was time for an after breakfast game on the Wii.  Well, sometime this weekend Dan's Mii (the character you can create who represents you in all Wii games) got changed.  He threw a fit about it yesterday and so I thought he should fix it today.  His character is called "Sweet Boy" because that is what I've called him since he was a baby.  His Mii used to look like him a little -- blond and cute.  Someone switched it to a chubby looking dark haired man with glasses.  I naively thought Dan would turn it back to how it was -- or something close.  No.  After going through every possible feature he changed the glasses (but he kept them), added a mustache (said moo-stash) changed the mouth, changed the eyes and the nose, and changed the hair style.  Then he went back and decided against the moo-stash.  The outfit stayed black. The hair also stayed black -- just in a shoulder length style that is apparently "cool".

So Dan, with no mustache, began playing and he said to me "Mom!  Look at me!  I have cool hair.  I'm a rock star!

My reaction?  I chuckled and wondered where my four year old learned to like long hair and where he learned about rock stars!  He said another funny today too but it is as inappropriate as getting up during the prayer to find a camera. 

Hooray for funny boys and no mustache!


T said...

chuckling to myself over this one - SO funny... and I will try not to speculate too much over his other inappropriate funny :)

Michelle said...

There is a book series that my kids love called "Moosetache" (I think that's how it's spelled). Dan makes me chuckle, and If we had a wii I'd look opposite of myself as well.

luckyinkentucky said...

This is the first time I've been to your blog--how fun it is to catch-up on your beautiful family, and some of my long, lost cousins' and families! How are Bonnie and Howard enjoying Boston? Can you e-mail me their address? Thanks Sherie!!!

Megz said...

I always knew Dan would be the rebellious one. As long as he keeps his rocker ways to the wii, you should be OK.