Thursday, November 11, 2010

With Thanksgiving: My Family

I love my family. They are so good to me.

I think of them when things seem bad and a smile comes to me.

My Grandma’s all have blessed my life in many different ways –

Now gone from me, but remembering them brings smiles to my days.

The Grandpa’s I’ve been blessed to know were good men to the core.

And when I went to visit they would greet me at the door.

They seemed so glad to see me, and so sorry when I left.

I like to just remember and it leaves me feeling blessed.

My parents are my heroes. I know their love is true.

They have shown me this in everything they say and that they do.

My brothers and my sisters give me their love, and more.

They’ve helped me up when I felt down a thousand times before.

Their love is always constant and I count on them a lot.

I know from past experience what a treasure I have got.

The nieces and the nephews, that I am blessed to know

Bring moments of enjoyment and I love to watch them grow.

I’ve been blessed with a husband, who’s unfailingly kind,

He’s thoughtful and compassionate and he’s my most brilliant find.

My children each are precious. I’ve loved them from the start.

And thinking of the good they do can always warm my heart.

My Aunts and Uncles, kindly, have loved me very well,

And my cousins have some stories that I’m sure they’d love to tell,

Of childhood adventures, and moments here and there,

When we’ve been blessed to have a little time that we could share.

I was married to a good man with a good family

Who have treated me so kindly, that I could clearly see

That to them I am important, and loved in every way,

And for this I am thankful, every single day.

Each member of my family is a blessing sure and true,

And for Thanksgiving you should know that I love you.


Megz said...

You got it to rhyme and everything--impressive!

Marcy said...


LC said...

What a super awesome family you must have ;)
Great poem!