Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apostle Watch

Did you know that every time I get to sit in Dad and Mom C.'s seats at a BYU game the first thing I do after sitting down is look across to where President Samuelson (BYU's President) sits to see if any apostles are visiting?  Since I love the apostles and who they represent -- I love to listen to them and I get a bit of a thrill out of being in the same room with them -- even a big room. 

So, last night I immediately noticed that Elder Perry was in attendance with his wife.  A couple of games ago (wouldn't it be nice if I remembered who we actually played against a couple of games ago?) Elder Christofferson was there with his wife.  I like to look up at them sometimes.  They never boo.  They don't yell.  They just look on in quiet interest.  It always reminds me of what a responsibility it would be to be an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Even people who did not believe you were really an apostle, if they knew who you claimed to be, would be watching you. 

This made me think about being a Christian.  I specifically thought of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because I am one.  As a member of His church I represent Christ too.  I suspect Apostles think of who they are representing a lot.  I know that I should think of it more.  You never know who might realize that I am a Christian and might be judging the merits of Christ's teachings by my actions.  This is a sobering thought -- and a good one -- all because an apostle attended a game.

Just so you'll know, I did pay attention to the game, and we did win. 

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