Friday, January 7, 2011

Museums and Amazing Talent

Here is a picture of me in Paris at the Louvre in 2010.  That tiny frame that everyone is packed around and taking pictures of is the Mona Lisa.  I got a better look at it as I walked through the door to its right -- but I didn't push my way up to the front to stand still in front of it.  Our trip to the Louvre found the museum absolutely packed with people. Trying to follow a group around and listen to a tour guide wasn't exactly our idea of fun.  We're more for wandering around on our own -- it's faster and easier to avoid the massive crowds.  Still, for Christmas Derek got me tickets to another museum. 

We had tickets to an exhibit of Carl Bloch's work.  Carl Bloch painted many pictures of Christ.  Five of them (the large alter pictures) usually hang in churches in Denmark and Sweden.  They are beautiful.  This museum was also pretty busy but not packed and we were thankful to be able to tour at our own speed.  We opted not to rent ipads and we just looked, and read the posted information.  We were only there for 45 minutes but I loved it.  It wasn't just the fact that there weren't so many people and we didn't have a tour guide to follow, it was the subject matter.  I was impressed with the talent shown in the work I saw at the Louvre too, but the spirit of Carl Bloch's work was impressive.  He gave credit to God for what he was able to do and I think that many people who witness his work will feel closer to God because of how beautifully he portrayed the scenes from the Saviors life.  I am thankful for those who have artistic talent and who choose to use it in a good way and share it with others.

A quick list of other things I've been thankful for lately -- for my benefit -- it helps me remember my many blessings.
1.  Kind words
2.  Communication from family and friends
3.  Good books
4.  Good ideas
5.  The library
6.  Things that help me laugh and smile.
7.  Good visiting teachers (ladies from church who are assigned to be my friend and who very faithfully prepare an uplifting message for me each month and even pray for me).
8.  Sunshine
9.  Hot showers
10.  Good movies


Michelle said...

WE tried to go to the Bloch exhibit, not knowing that was what we were doing, but we weren't allowed in for a very long time. The kids were rowdy so we left. We will try again when we are up next because art, music, drama--they are what makes life beautiful.

Megz said...

We're going with the YW in the spring. I didn't know if my kids would be respectful enough to appreciate it as a family outing, though I always like the idea that we could be a museum-y family.
I like your new floor, btw. I'll have to come see it in person.

LC said...

I would love to come see that exhibit. We could make a fun family byu day of it--walk around campus and pretend to be young and smart again--with our 4 kids.

T said...

sounds like a great exhibit... I need a little more artsy days in my life :)