Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year Brings New Ground

We have spent our vacation relaxing, and wearing our pajamas.
 However, we still did our hair even if we were really sleepy.
Then the new year came and it was time to get busy and so we changed our "green ground"

for "brown ground" (these are Dan's terms of course).
We started this project on Saturday.  Kayli and Connor helped rip out the green ground (carpet) and pull out the staples that held the carpet padding to the floor.  Unfortunately the picture of Connor was too blurry to keep.  Kayli probably wishes this one was the blurry one.

Sunday we took a break.  Derek had story time with Jake and Dan.
Obviously they were enjoying themselves. 
The second story tested the attention spans of everyone -- but they are all still on the couch!

Monday all of the children, except Dan and maybe Trisa, went back to school.  Derek had the day off and he spent it putting in the new brown ground with me.  I will admit that he did most of the floor laying.  I was busy switching laundry loads -- the washer seems awfully fast when you are busy -- and getting Dan more snacks, and putting in yet another movie when one got over.  I also had to break to eat.  That being said, I did learn how to put in laminate, how to measure, and how to use the compound miter saw.  The laminate floor was all in at Derek's lunch time of 12:30. 

Once the floor was in Derek taught me how to use the nail gun to put the baseboards back in.  We filled in the holes, caulked, painted trim, mopped, and put the furniture in. 

We also had dinner (made by Derek), family movie night, and Derek helped with homework.  I'm pretty sure I should have worn my Superwoman shirt and that Derek should have worn a Superman shirt.  It can't be the whole Superman outfit because Derek would draw the line at tights.

Happy New Year! 


Michelle said...

Home improvement projects are always horrible around here and never turn out the way they should. I think a picture of Der in Superman tights would be worth a fortune.

Marcy said...

Looks GREAT! I can't believe you how much you got done in one day. Looks amazing!

Happy Mom said...

Wow! It looks great and I can't believe you got it all finished in a day. Wow!

Joan-FromMissouri said...

Wow...you are such a super family! :) (The floor looks great!!)

T said...

that floor looks awesome!

I love that Dan managed to stay on the couch for reading time... despite his obvious burst of energy :)

Anna said...

Wow! The new brown ground looks lovely. I think I would like some in my living room as well, but moving my piano out for the time it would take us to put something else in there is a daunting prospect, enough that I haven't ever seriously considered it!