Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overthinking What to Wear

Yesterday was a great day.  I did a lot of good things and got to spend my time with a lot of really good people.  Unfortunately, by 8:00 p.m. I knew that I had used about 110 percent of my energy allotment for the day and I was having to seriously work hard not to be mean.  Fortunately, I got to go to bed eventually, but when I woke up this morning I was still feeling a little bit hammered.  So I thought to myself, "maybe this is an Oscar the Grouch shirt day".  But I realized quickly that I wasn't grouchy, just a little tired.  Is a Grouch shirt really the right shirt for such a day?  I looked in my closet and saw my Superwoman shirt.  I wanted to be Superwoman, but did I have that much energy?  Then I thought, not every Superwoman Day has to be one where I spend a lot of energy -- but maybe Cookie Monstor?  No.  I had just eaten breakfast and cookies sounded like an awful idea.  So, what did I decide?  After considering Oscar again, I decided on Elmo.  I decided that Elmo was the perfect shirt for a day when I'm tired, but not grouchy.  I liked the idea of handling my day by being sweet, and slightly silly and making up songs if I wanted to.  So that is what I'm trying to do.  I didn't even threaten to tape anyones mouth shut while I was helping give spelling tests at the school.  I was so proud of myself!  They all wished, like me, that I could imitate Elmo's voice really well and give the spelling tests in my best imitation of Elmo.  I opted for my normal voice.  I'm thinking now that it's maybe a good thing I don't have all character shirts.  I might spend every day standing in the closet trying to decide which  character represents my mood the best -- and that's silly -- like Elmo.

Picture by Dan
One of the things Dan says that makes me smile:
*Dan had me fold a picture he drew on Sunday.  I had to fold it really small because he wanted to put it in an inside pocket of his coat "for safe keeping".  He often puts things places for "safe keeping".  I wonder if he can find them later?  I know that putting things somewhere for "safe keeping" might be a little dangerous for me.  I might never remember where they are safely hidden.


Megz said...

I hope lots of his safe stuff doesn't end up in the laundry....
Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve (or torso)! I would feel a little bad if I was being ornery all day when I was wearing Elmo. But hopefully your Oscar shirt won't get much use.

Happy Mom said...

I love your Elmo shirt. So cute. I have a shirt from Washington DC that says, "You don't know me...witness protection program." I seriously wear it when I don't want anyone to bother me, but it doesn't ever work :( I loved this post, and I love that you own so much fun clothing.

LC said...

Ha Ha!
I think I felt like Super Grover today: wanting to be super but ending up a goofy klutz.

T said...

and now (after reading Happy Mom's comment) I really want a witness protection shirt!!!

I think what I really need are Eeyore and Snuffalupagus shirts... that's been more my mood lately.

Sher said...

I like Snuffalupagus and I love the Grover shirt idea. Today I went with a plain black jacket with green underneath. I hope that doesn't say anything too bad about my mood!