Sunday, January 9, 2011

That's Impressive!

On Friday evening I decided to make some pizza for dinner.  I was mixing up the pizza dough in the handy mixer when Dan wanted to see.  So, he got a stool, climbed up, looked in and said "That's impressive!".  I was a bit caught off guard and I started chuckling.  Dan said, "That's what they say on Lego Star Wars." Then, using a deeper voice he said, "That's Impressive!" So now you know, not only is my pizza dough impressive, but a four year old can learn something from Lego Star Wars besides the names of lots of random Star Wars characters and which ones they should kill off due to their evilness.

In other impressive news:
* Derek coached Jake's first boys basketball game.  He is Jake's coach and, while their team didn't win,  Jake made his first basket in his first real game AND the team seemed to enjoy themselves.
* Connor played his first city league basketball game of the year and he also made his first basket of the year.  Hooray for Connor!
* Tia is making Sunday dinner.  I love it!
* Kayli helped clean up the kitchen last night and I really, REALLY didn't want to do it myself and so that was extra nice.
*  I don't want to leave out Trisa.  She is handling lots of things on her own while she is at college.  It is sometimes hard for her but she does what she needs to and is a good example to her brothers and sisters.
*  And what impressive thing did I do this week?  I made pizza dough and "that's impressive!"


Megz said...

I'm afraid my pizza dough wouldn't impress anyone.
Mitch didn't score at his first game---but the odds were against it since there were only 4 points scored by his entire team....

Michelle said...

Ava's favorite quote from TV is, "Don't even think about it Gofret!" Go figure.

LC said...

You're going to be feeling like Superwoman a lot more often with Dan proclaiming his fun new phrase. Maybe he could teach that one to Cannon. I need someone to be impressed by my cooking.

T said...

it's good to know your kids can recognize and appreciate the SuperWoman that you are :)