Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Trip to My Night Stand

I was talking with a friend of mine recently and I realized that I was reading a larger than normal (for me) number of books simultaneously.  I thought it would be fun for me to occasionally take a "trip to my night stand" and put it on my blog since that will give me a record of some of the things I read and what I liked, or didn't like about them.  So here's a picture of my night stand:

 At the bottom of the pile (stacked by size) is Preach My Gospel which I study with my scriptures in the morning.  During the school year I have a few quiet moments between the older kids leaving and the younger ones needing to get up and this has been a blessing to me.  Dan sometimes wakes up early but his first question is almost always "Can I watch t.v.?" and so Dora keeps him entertained until Jake gets up and I can still study.

Next is I Sher 2008-2010 which is my blog put in book form.  I like reading this one.  I guess I must write to suit myself and therefore I enjoy reading what I write!

Bonds That Make Us Free:  Healing Our Relationships, Coming to Ourselves by C. Terry Warner has been sitting on my night stand for months.  This does NOT mean I don't love it.  On the contrary, this book has already been helpful to me.  I think about what the author says and do not feel the need to plow through it.  I really want to remember it because I find helpful truths in this book.

I purchased Yoga for Christians by Susan Bordenkircher from the Christian Book Club when I was a member.  It was a really good deal and came with a yoga DVD.  I like the DVD and started reading the book years ago.  I found it interesting but put it in my night stand and didn't pick it up again until a couple of weeks ago.  I like the author and have appreciated the things I have learned, or relearned from reading her words.  She talks of letting go of self and not expecting to be "the savior of your own problems" and not to "look to your accomplishments and acquisitions to bring happiness".  Instead she talks of recognizing that the only lasting joy and peace comes from God.  I read this one at night and try to breathe properly.

A few months ago I started Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.  I have not gotten far but, again, this isn't because I don't like it.  I think it's more because it is so thick.  I'm a little like Tia -- or she's like me -- and I find the size of this book overwhelming.  I enjoy it every time I read it though and I will eventually get to the end!

My mom asked me to read The Calcium Factor:  The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth by Robert R. Barefoot & Carl J. Reich, M.D.  I confess that mostly I've learned that my Mom is a genius and that this book feels like reading a really hard and rather dry textbook to me (sorry Mom). 

Mafia to Mormon:  My Conversion Story by Mario Facione is a really thin book loaned to me by my neighbor Janet.  I should really have been done with this by now -- and probably would be if I didn't keep picking up other books and magazines and newspapers.  I've been on a reading kick.  I'll move it to the top of the pile so I'll have one less on my list.

10 Minute Home Improvement:  Hundreds of Fast Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home.  I've read / skimmed half of this and I'm sure I've learned some great things.  I just can't remember them right now.

The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison is not on the pile anymore -- but I just finished it the day before yesterday and so I thought I'd mention it.  It was creative.  I had a hard time following everything about "animal magic" but it was gripping enough during the last half that I neglected my duties and felt guilty.

Of course the question on your minds may be, "Does her night stand really look that neat?"  Well, only if I stage it.  Otherwise it looks like this:
So now you can all feel better about yourselves.  For fun I took a picture of Derek's night stand.  No staging involved.

Derek is reading a more reasonable number of books I think.  He has Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson on his nightstand and 65 Signs of the Times by David J. Ridges tucked neatly where you can't see it.  I believe he has also started Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose.


LC said...

You know I love trips and your nightstand is no exception.
What fun reads (or not so fun in the case of the calcium book--although I am curious. Could you give me the cliff notes version?)
Bonds... is a good one to digest slowly. And I think my attempt to read Les Mis will be the abridged version. You go girl!

Megz said...

How can you be in the middle of so many books?? I would start mixing my breathing with my milk intake with my animal magic and be so confused....
I like the picture of Der's nightstand. I think I might sneak over and mess it up a bit.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the new reading ideas. I'm running out and I did have a goal to read more adult books.

Happy Mom said...

You always make me smile. I had I think 20 books on my nightstand until Wednesday when I gave ten of them a home on a shelf. I hope that means I don't forget about them, but it was a danger zone for small children as it was. I'm reading Lost Hero right now and ignoring the ones I should read. I like it. Thanks for the other ideas.