Friday, February 25, 2011

Karate Kid Sit Ups

I've been trying to think about the happy things I could write about.  Here's what I came up with:

Derek shoveled the snow this morning.  That is usually my job since it's good exercise -- but right now it is a forbidden activity thanks to my wimpy back.  I have a friend coming over later to bring her little boy.  She has a sprained ankle and I was worried that she would fall.  Hopefully now she'll get to the door safely.  I am also a little psycho about snow on the driveway and walkways.  I like it cleaned off nicely and so it's removal helps relieve any stress that I might otherwise have had when looking out the window.  So today Derek got to be the hero snow removal guy.  He was wearing a black shirt in honor of the fact that he wasn't looking forward to something at work today.  Do you think I'm rubbing off on him?  If only there was an Oscar the Grouch work shirt -- ooo or maybe a tie!

Trisa is coming home today.  She's traveling after the snow has been cleared from the freeway I hope.  Dan said yesterday "I wish Trisa still lived with us".  He also admitted "but she's supposed to be at college".

Tia gave me a fabulous hair cut in under an hour yesterday.  I'd take a picture of myself but right now it mostly looks like bed head hair so you can just imagine for yourselves.  She also wins the prize of doing her dishes without being asked -- even the pots and pans. 

Kayli didn't complain when I disappeared after school for that haircut leaving her in charge again and she turned off the television when she was doing her homework without being asked.  Hooray for her.

Connor went with his Dad to help run the scoreboard at the church again last night.  This is really helpful to Derek and is fun for Connor and so everyone wins.

Jake did his homework last night even though it was very obvious that he did not want to.  He does a good job at listening when I read scripture stories to him and Dan at night.  Dan goes out of his way to show that he really doesn't want to listen and so it's nice that I have one boy willing to pay attention!

Below you can see some of the fun we have at our house.


Megz said...

I can't imagine Der consciously wore a certain color because of his sense of doom. Really??
I love the situps. Who is getting a better workout, Tia or Connor?

LC said...

All good stuff!
Those are some serious sit-ups. Is he training for the Navy Seals?

Happy Mom said...

Oh no! I don't like to hear about a bad back! Are you OK? I hope things get better soon. I think an Oscar tie would be perfect. Maybe I'll find two and send one to you. :)

Michelle said...

Totally impressed by you strong kids. Wow. How was this game invented?
Husbands are awesome at doing things that we really do not want or can't do. Homework w/o complaint? What would that b like?