Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Beginning of our Grand Vacation and Dan says...

In my opinion our vacation was grand because of the people we got to see.  However, it was also grand because it started out and ended with eight of us flying in airplanes, and "laying over" at various airports.  We even managed to pack for our one week trip in such a way that we could carry on our luggage.  That is a grand accomplishment.  Of course, Derek's Mom is mailing some of the sleeping bags back and she is keeping the pillows she bought for us to use for .... decorating the inside of a closet.

On the way out to Boston I was sitting by Dan on the plane.  Here are some of the amusing things he said:
"Mom, we're going off the earth."
"Mom.  Where are we in the sky?" (I didn't know what to say -- I said "here")
"Mom.  Can I play the Wii when we get home?"  I explained we'd be gone quite a while but he still wanted to know and so I assured him that he could.
"I hope my ears work when we get down!" (They did)
Making up his own song (loudly while on the plane) "We're going up, off the earth..."
When we were almost done with the flight he decided to try to quote Madagascar 2 with Jake.  Dan's version was, "The good news is we're landing safely.  The bad news is we're crash landing" (over and over with big giggles every time).
Dan before our trip in sunglasses from Kylie's b-day party.  He loves them.

Character Dan said a couple more things that I recorded from our trip.  In the big white van he said "I wish I had a tiger, then I could pet it, and it would love me so I could ride it."
Jake replied, "Just because you pet it doesn't mean it will love you." (Jake's smart)

In Boston Tia reported that Dan said, "We don't eat squirrels because they are not made of chicken.  We don't eat them with ketchup".

Dan says some pretty grand things sometimes, which helps make vacations more fun and, well, grand!


Michelle said...

Lucky! One day we are going to have a vacation where we leave the earth and see neat things. For now the C family reunion is a perfect vacation for us. See you in a couple of weeks.

Happy Mom said...

I love Boston! And I really love the great kid quotes. Hope it really was wonderful.

LC said...
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LC said...

Oops, let me try that post again...

Glad you had a fun trip. The airplane ride alone is an exciting adventure, no?
Can't wait to see photos of you hugging the parents, and Paul Revere, and whatever else is in Boston!